The New Emerald Coast Social: How to have modern non-monogamous relationship

Many grew up in a monogamist world where everyone follows a traditional relationship script.

Your age will determine a great deal about how you unconsciously feel about non-monogamy. This will effect your comfort levels about many different types of non-monogamist relationship.

For example, imaging you come to a Emerald Coast Social event in 1990. You are approximately 30 years old and have never owned a cell phone, have a landline, and you only found out about the party because you came across a flyer in a lingerie and toy store.

Fast forward to today as someone who was born in 1990: you have had a cell phone your entire adult life and have thousands of potential dating applications to meet people. Of course, you found the party on the Internet.

A lot has changed in a short period of time.

The same is true of nonmonogamous relationships. In 1990, your choice was basically couple based swinging and that was it. There was no such thing as trans people, bi men were stigamatized, and the entire scene was not just quiet, it was almost six feet deep underground. Virtually no one was out as gay and certainly not as a swinger.

Today you have unlimited options in everything from technology to relationship types and structures that never existed just one generation ago.

The New Emerald Coast Social will provide you with a wealth of information in this time of rapid relationship change. Click the calendar link for events around the world and in your local area.