We just wanted to thank you two for the glorious time last night… You have the best social we have attended and look forward to being at your future events… Rvsp us for the next one because we are excited about coming again!

J & D

Thanks for a wonderful New Year’s party! Your staff made us feel welcome, safe, and comfortable, and the DJ played some great tunes. The Mrs. was very impressed with the level of safety as displayed by your club security staff and the two uniformed officers you employed to keep an eye out for our cars and any unexpected outside the club. Although we’re not new to the lifestyle, it was our first time at your club. While we weren’t expecting to meet and play, we actually ended up inviting three other like-minded couples to our hotel room to celebrate (a first for us). Everyone was very respectful AND fun, which is a credit to the class of couples your club attracts. As the night wore on the soft-swing orgy boiled down to a full-swing foursome with the couple we had spent a great deal of time on the dance floor with. A note to newcomers: the club is located adjacent to the hotel and getting a room in advance to party and then sleep it off is a very good idea. Keep up the great work!

J & A

First off I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, and I wanted to tell you how much fun my partner and I had at your social last night. We are both new to the swinging lifestyle, but have always been interested. Having never been to an event like this we were very apprehensive at first. We expected there to be more pressure on hooking up, but was relieved when there was none. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and my partner and I did end up meeting some very nice people. Overall we thought the night went very well and can’t wait for the next party. Till then,

B & L

Hello, thank you for a wonderful social. My wife and I enjoyed it very much and would like to reserve a spot for the next social. We had a great time at our first one and look forward to having a better time at the next. We will be staying in Gulf Shores for the next month if you want to visit us at our condo.  Both of you take care and we look forward to seeing you soon. Once again thanks,

T & G

WOW! We just wanted to say thank you – the social was so much fun, and we met some wonderful people. Everything about it surprised and excited us. It was a safe respectful environment, and a ton of fun. Keep up the great work guys and THANKS!

E & L

We just wanted to let you know what a great time we had Saturday night. We thought the party was very well run and the people there were absolutely great. Although we have another club here in Atlanta, it is different. The people at your social were so much more friendly. It probably didn’t hurt that I won the girl girl kissing contest too. 🙂 I hope you’ll be having a “get warm” party for us next time we are there… cause it is cold here in Atlanta. Thanks again for hosting such a great party. We’ll try to find a way to get down there more often. Take care,

C & D

Hi, it was very nice meeting you both last night and the party was wonderful.  Thank you so much for everything that you did.  We had a great time.  The games were fun and we liked the way that you recognized birthdays and anniversaries.  The music was perfect and the crowd was fun as well as very attractive.  The bartenders and bouncers were cool too.  If the crowd continues to grow, we will need a bigger place.  Thanks again, we will be back. Kisses all over,

M & J

Hi, I just wanted to write and let you know how awesome your website for Emerald Coast Social is and how absolutely stunning your pictures are. We’re currently in the area and was surfing the internet looking for some Pensacola nightlife and came across your website. My wife and I have had a multitude of questions concerning “the lifestyle” and your website answered just about all of them, and ensured us that we in fact are not the only people that who pursue discreet, non-traditional sex lives. We’ve lived in several different cities and never have we seen a website that is as informative as yours. It seems that every time we have searched for swingers social events on the internet, all we come with are the junk or porn websites. We haven’t been to an actual social event yet, but we have experimented and found we are both very interested and want to explore more through your club. One final question and I will close. Our preferences are more me observing (my choice) and my wife participating, Cuckolding as most people know it. While we are enthusiastic about learning and exploring, we are still very new to this. Is there any source of information that you know of that explore this lifestyle in a more mature way? Thank you for taking the time to read this email and if you have time to respond, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance,

W & S

Hello, we had one of the best times ever Saturday night at your club. We danced so much that our legs have been sore all day today. We met some very nice couples and can’t wait until the next one.  If there is anything we can do to help for the next social please let us know. Always Yours

C & R

We had such a great time at the last Emerald Coast Social that we can’t wait until next Saturday night to do it all again.  We are so excited that it’s all we have talked about for the last two days. We met so many great people that we couldn’t keep track not to mention a few fantasies come true for both of us later that night. Even though we have been to many other lifestyle functions it was our first time actually hooking up. Thanks for providing such a great place for people in the lifestyle to meet each other! Sincerely,

B & T

We just wanted to let you know that we had the best time ever at your last two parties.  EVERYONE is talking about it.  Your club seems to be the number one place to see and be seen at!  We will most definitely be there for the next and hopefully all future parties.  Write us down on the VIP list permanently, lol.  Bye for now

L & A

We have had a terrific time at every one of your parties so far. My wife says thank you for the great gift basket last time and promises to put her new 9″ pink dildo to good use. You looked stunning in your low cut red dress and we are looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks again for everything you’ve done for the lifestyle in this area and we will be sure to tell our friends about your club. Always Yours,

P & M

Just wanted to say that we had a totally hot time at the Emerald Coast swingers club last Saturday night. Thank you guys for doing a great job. There were so many gorgeous women there it was a total turn on just to sit back and watch everyone having fun. I still can’t get all the girls kissing each other out of my mind and my wife reminds me every time we have sex. She’s such a good bad girl!!! See you guys on next time!!!!!!

W & J

We had an awesome time last night at the New Years Eve party. We have been going to lifestyles parties for over 10 years and have never experienced a party as big and as fun as the one last night. Great service, friendly crowd and gorgeous bartenders to boot. Keep up the good work and you can bet we will be back. Sincerely,

C & D

Emerald Coast Social was definitely the most fun we have ever had for new years eve since we’ve been married as well as the best swingers social we have ever been to. Not only was it huge but the youngest most attractive group of swingers we have ever seen. No offense intended to the older folk, but it’s about time someone opened a swingers club for younger couples in the lifestyle. We can’t wait for the next one!

F & V

We have been to all swingers clubs on the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Jacksonville and we both agree that yours is the best of them all. We were very comfortable and were treated with respect at all times. Everybody was also VERY friendly to say the least. The sexual tension was unbelievable on the dance floor and the girls were all absolutely beautiful. My husband was totally infatuated with the young blonde wearing the long black see through dress with no panties. Maybe he’ll get lucky and get to know her better next time if she is there. You guys at Emerald Coast Social have your system down to a science and it works great. Don’t change a thing!

D & S

First off let me thank you both for an awesome party, it was our one year “swinger anniversary”…. LoL We still haven’t stopped talking about the night. Hell, we even had mid-party sex in the hotel room then came back. hahaha, We just couldn’t resist!! There were so many memories made that night and couldn’t have asked for a better group of folks to party with… Everyone we talked to agrees, this was by far the best social EVER

J & C

You really out did yourself this time. We couldn’t believe how many people were there Saturday night. It was the most electric lifestyles party we have ever attended. Not only was the dance floor packed the whole time, but there was dancing and grinding in every part of the club including on the bar. It was a party to remember! By the way, we both think you are very beautiful and hope to get to know you a lot better if you know what I mean ;o)~

R & J

We had the best time ever at your club. We are true voyeurs and loved watching all the beautiful girls dancing together. The girl girl kissing contest was also one of the most erotic things we have ever seen. I think we have found a new form of foreplay. Thanks for introducing us to such wonderful people and for bringing added excitement to our marriage!

H & B

Wooooo whoooo! What more can we say? What a great time we have had and we really look forward to coming to more of these parties. We are still kinda new but the more we come the more the we loosen up. Thank you so much, we appreciate the time, effort and hard work you do to make the parties possible. Hugs & Kisses

T & J

We are emailing you to let you know we had a great time at the Mardi Gras party.  It was our first time and we are definately coming to the naughty school girl party next Saturday.  We met some really great people and felt very comfortable.  We don’t ever remember being at a party with so many hot people.  Thanks for hospitality.  Put the two of us down for the next party.

K & K

Just wanted to tell you that we had an awesome time at the Social last Saturday night! That was our first time attending and we really didn’t know what to expect. We were so relieved to see that everyone was super nice and easy to talk to, not to mention very attractive. Both of you were so laid back and as soon as we walked in you made us feel comfortable. We really appreciate the hospitality and kindness. Anyways, we look forward to the next one and intend to be there, cant wait! Thanks again for making us feel so welcome and we look forward to seeing you guys many more times. Sincerely,

L & V

Special Note

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After creating an account log in to Swinglifesyle then click the “Events” link on the left menu bar. Look for ECS events under the “Socials” category heading. You can then see people attending and start meeting local swingers before, or after, the next social. You can also meet people from all over the country. Just use the “Search” function and pick a zip code. It’s that easy