Where are the socials held?

What are the dates and times of the parties?

How do I reserve a hotel room for the social if I need one?

What is the dress code?

Everyone should dress to impress.

Ladies: Ladies may dress as risqué and sexy as they desire.  Fetish wear, elegant and high fashion are always welcome. See through outfits are ok but cover ups must be worn while not inside the club.

Men: Preferred dress for men is slacks or nice jeans, button up collared shirt and nice shoes. Guys please do NOT wear things such as shorts, old jeans, tee shirts, old tennis shoes, sandals and ball caps. Dress code is strictly enforced.

How many people normally attend the socials?

We usually have between 50 and 100 people attending our parties depending on the theme and time of year.

What is allowed and not allowed?

Visit the Rules page.

It’s our first time what should we expect?

All swin lifestyle events are 100% dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, no pressure setting to make it easy for adult couples and single females to meet, socialize, dance and get to know each other in a relaxed nightclub atmosphere.

Am I safe attending your socials?

We try to make the socials as safe as possible. We are watching everyone’s moves very closely and have three security persons on premise. If you find there is someone breaking our rules or if something isn’t quite right then please let us know.

What kind of entertainment is there?

We have a live DJ & dancing.

Special Note

Did you know that you can RSVP and meet local swingers online at the same time for all Emerald Coast Social events and other events all over the country on SwingLifeStyle? You will also become a member of our private e-mail list that you will recieve on the SwingLifeStyle website only. No personal e-mail addresses will be used for any purpose. It is Free and highly recomended to be a member in order to RSVP and attend.
Step 1:
Create A Free Account if you don’t already have one. (It takes 10 minutes or less.)
Step 2:
After creating an account log in to Swinglifesyle then click the “Events” link on the left menu bar. Look for ECS events under the “Socials” category heading. You can then see people attending and start meeting local swingers before, or after, the next social. You can also meet people from all over the country. Just use the “Search” function and pick a zip code. It’s that easy