Clarity is Powerful

The more exact you are with your relationship desires, the greater the likelihood you will be able to obtain it.

Tony Robbins tells the story of the time he was walking along the road and a down on his lunch drunk asked him for money. Tony asked him a question in return: “how much are you hoping for?”

“Just 25 cents would change my life. Would change my life!”, the man said.

Tony then pulled his wallet out, casually flipping through several hundreds of dollars, and then gave the man a quarter, and said: “Life will give you what you ask for, if you ask wisely.”

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This is certainly true about your relationship desires: Life will give you what you ask for.

Whether you are single, a couple, or a polyamorous quad, the more specific you are about who you are looking for, the better the results.

Here is a classic example: a newbie couple is looking for a hot bi babe – what many derisively call “unicorn hunting”.

Forget that they are unicorn hunting for a moment, and answer this: what is wrong with that description?

Other than “couple looking for a hot bi babe”, there is nothing specific.

Consider this one: a mid-thirties interracial couple (Caucasian and Asian) with outstanding bodies and great careers are looking for a girl to see NSA once a week together who is over 21 but under 40 and has a great smile.

You could change each one of the specifics to more closely fit your own situation, but you can see the point. The second couple clearly knows what they are looking for and can tailor their search to more closely fit their needs.

And yes, you can find a hot bi babe. It’s actually easy once you know how. The last time I taught that seminar was back in 2012, but rest assured How to Find and Keep a Hot Bi Babe will be posted soon.